klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers

I own a pair of cornwalls, amazing speakers they are paired with MC452 power  and a MC 70 tube pre.I play cds only on a yamaha C2100. My question is I hear people talking about upgrades to the crossovers on the corns  and softening the horns with  sound tape . Do any of those changes work,one or the other and do they make it worthwhile. Would like input from anyone who has tried the upgrades and who they used


By "damping woofer" I expect musicmann1 means the metal woofer baskets.  Most know this but just to make sure no one interprets this as damping the cones like the backside of the horns.

I am sure, but you never know the experience level of readers here. Lots of newbies.

Being a newbie, Reading the post I would think damping the cones. Just curiosity,  what and where is the metal woofer box. 

It was good that pryso mentioned it. Yes, the basket. Google " woofer basket ", and you will see the baskets, naked. Hope you are of proper age, lol.

What do these baskets slip over the originals I think I know the old ones don't come off right