klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers

I own a pair of cornwalls, amazing speakers they are paired with MC452 power  and a MC 70 tube pre.I play cds only on a yamaha C2100. My question is I hear people talking about upgrades to the crossovers on the corns  and softening the horns with  sound tape . Do any of those changes work,one or the other and do they make it worthwhile. Would like input from anyone who has tried the upgrades and who they used


Is there a link to what exactly Don Sachs did?

I did an Internet search and couldn't find anything.


No, just no. I’m not wrapping my horns or doing any other ridiculous tweaks. I think the 4th gen Heritage lineup sounds great from the factory, the last thing I’m doing is trusting some diy audio fanboys over the engineers at Klipsch that have been refining these designs since the 50’s. If the horns needed dampening they would have addressed it by now.

FYI, I exchanged emails with Don (he’s awesome, BTW), and in addition to the Dynamat on the horns, the crossover mod basically consists of replacing the cheap Chinese caps with VCap ODAMs (which I know Don has made clear he’s a fan of) and the sand resistor.

He also suggested putting some sort of damping material on the inside base of the speaker.

Thought people would want to know :)

@perkadin I mean, you may not like the DIY thing, but you can clearly hear the resonance in the horn. That horn is agitated as the sound waves cascade out of the horn. Now, is that enough to affect the sound? No idea. You'd need to test and/or listen.

Now, will the dampening make a difference? An improvement? Are you over-dampening the horns with the Dynamat? Not sure. You'd need to test and/or listen.

But saying that if the Cornwalls needed it, the engineers would have put something different than the $5 Chinese MKP caps in the Cornwall crossover would be a silly point. They're cheap caps in speakers that retail for 6 grand. That's something bean counters do, not engineers.