klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers

I own a pair of cornwalls, amazing speakers they are paired with MC452 power  and a MC 70 tube pre.I play cds only on a yamaha C2100. My question is I hear people talking about upgrades to the crossovers on the corns  and softening the horns with  sound tape . Do any of those changes work,one or the other and do they make it worthwhile. Would like input from anyone who has tried the upgrades and who they used


So, your comparisons of DACs on YT were scientifically controlled blind tests?  You were able to verify that the person making the video properly controlled all variables and your own evaluation was blind and you had enough samples to reach some level of confidence in the results?

I’ve participated in blind tests, including DACs, so I am confident that their are meaningful difference (though not at .05 confidence level), but, that does not mean everything outside of such testing is delusional.  It is unfair to insist on blind testing to prove modifications are efficacious, while insisting that YT videos should be provided by modifiers when there is no evidence (blind testing?) that YT videos can make differences, or lack thereof, evident.

@eoj4952 Check out my Video. Crites has the Xover Cap values online but never measured the Inductors. I changed everything and updated the Xover to include the Inductor Value. It's all in my Video,


Actually never mind, I just found this guys video comparison Dynamat mod on Klipsch. Personally I think it sounded better before, less muffled.  Yes, different speaker but I think I’ve gotten my answer on that particular mod, the difference was actually more pronounced than I was expecting.  


I’m not sure why one would consider posting frequency response curves as the work of a charlatan...it’s literally measured data. I mean, I’m not making a purchasing decision based solely off data, but hey...that’s just me.

For me, blind tests sound cool...but like...I only have so much time in the day. I’m cool with DSP, not spending boatloads on cables, and focusing on engineering. Is it psychoacoustics if I like some thing better than another? Possible. But I’m gonna do what I want, and would love to blind test stuff some day...but I’m not upending my life for it. Too much crap  to do.

And if a guy who builds/designs stereo equipment for a living says a cap is crap, I’m going to believe them. Also, I would tend to trust caps with different (exotic) materials with tighter manufacturing tolerances over ones made in China. FYI, I have a set of Genesis Technologies monitors and those have RelCaps in the crossover. The same caps Audio Research uses in a lot of their equipment. Are those two companies full of charlatans? I’d say no, but everyone has an opinion.

Also, those Genesis Technologies monitors sound damn fantastic (for a number of different reasons). Oh, and my Vandersteen high pass filters have Teflon caps in them. EIther RelCaps or Mundorf, I can’t remember off hand.

@larryi funny enough, I was at the local Klipsch Heritage dealer in town and he swears the Cornwalls sound better with solid state gear. He has his powered by a rebuild/refurbished Marantz 2330 receiver. Different strokes for different folks (I mean, I love my ProAcs with an SET amp), but I would have thought tubes would have been the ticket (although Marantz is known for their warm house sound).