Klipsch Cornwall IVs KC62 and yamaha AS2200 setup questions

First off. Thanks

1. The yamaha has pre-out and line out choice. Which do I use? The manual says Pre-out

2. Cornwall is rated down to 34hz where should I set the KC62 crossover? Currently I have it set to 50hz

3. Ive noticed when i use pre-out there is very little sound coming out of the sub. Even with the sub at max volume. If I use Line out there can be a ton of volume but I have to volume match the sub manually every time i change the amplifiers volume. As you can probably tell Im a new to this subwoofer stuff.

4 KC62 has a High pass filter dongle. do i need to use that?

Again thanks in advance


1-Why cross over at all?  The Cornwalls are known for great bass.  Go full range to the speakers.  Run from the Yamaha direct to the speakers.

2-Try without the sub and see if you are happy.  I would be.

3-Pre-out on the amp should control sub volume.  You may not hear much. Set the sub as low as it will go or see if manual mode will work?

That's the idea of a good sub match.  It will just compliment the bass.  You just might have more speaker than sub.

Thanks for the reply. It may be my room but the bass hasnt been stellar on the cornwalls. Is it clean yes, articulate yes. But it fails to reach deeply on songs like Aquamarine by Santana. I ran the speakers for months prior to buying the sub. 

I put the sub into manual mode and have it set around 1 o'clock. 

When i plugged the sub into Line out from the amp, the amount of bass produced was huge...the volume control on the sub seemed to be far more active. Big issue there is you have to volume match. I have the speakers direct wired to the amp..the sub is connected to Line out or pre-out on the amp not via speaker connection

Try connecting via the speaker connection on the sub ( presuming it has one). Then set the volume on the sub to integrate with your Cornwall's. Should give you good results.