Klipsch Heresy 4?

I didn't realize the 4s came out until I started researching the Heresy 3s. Has anyone heard them or purchased them? What's the deal?
mjcmt  , yup , you got it  right about Huff  , it's really just entertainment .I find it really funny when some one buys something based on their review like one of Huff's .I am sure he's a good guy , just do not buy in to his hype
Steve replaced the Heresys already with JBLs... 

Anyhow! :-) Today I was caught offguard. I went to this hifi store to buy a CD player. I auditioned it on Heresy 4 speakers and DA’AM!!!! I immediately asked what my current speakers would do when trading in... really considering it now!

These speakers could fill a room! A huuuuge sweet spot, love it! I think I’d have to listen to them in my own home first but I’m really practically sold.
I did not replace my H4's. I actually have two sets. I review audio, and have for many many years. I get in a lot of gear, so some stays, some goes. Those that stay are special to me. The H4's are special to me. Listening right now as I write this ; ) There is not a speaker I prefer, even the Cornwall IV which I also had in here.