Klipsch Heresy IV vs. The World!

Trying to balance my audiophile hobby with my marriage. My current system is built around Heresy IVs with Manley electronics. I've heard better speakers but none that offer a similar form factor. The Heresy are about 2 foot tall and blend in nicely with out low slung furniture in our open plan house. I love the sound of the DeVore o/93 and 96 but they are significantly larger/taller. Haven't heard the o/babys. I could add some fast little REL subs to flesh out the Heresy but open to suggestions. Does anyone know of a shorty speaker that offers world class performance? High efficiency a big plus as I love 300b SET. Thanks!


For 300B you'll need either gigantic speakers to get full range sound or subs.  There's no way around the physics of watts / speaker size / bass.  You only get to pick 2.  If you keep the 300b, and want a fairly small cabinet, you are going to need subs if you want decent bass. 

I just added a "slim" sub to my room and it works great, you can slide it under a sofa, wall mount, or stick it in a corner:


That all checks out. Just got a pair of o/93 but not sure if they will be able to stick around. They sound amazing but looks massive next to the little Heresys. If I can't make them stick I will probably try a pair of REL T/zeros with the Heresys.  

Well I didn't get in before you pulled the trigger.


If the Devore's don't stick around... I would try Wayne Parham at Pi Speakers in Bella Vista, Arizona. He has a few models that fit your request. They are custom made and you have options on driver choices based on your budget. They are built well and are efficient enough for your Manley kit.

@scotandholly thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check those out. Also talking to Louis at Omega about my needs. Hard to pull the trigger on speakers you haven't heard that have almost no reviews.