Klipsch Heresy - Recommendations for stands


I just bought a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers from the 70s on a whim for my pool room. Got them home and I can't believe how good they sound. I am running them on an old Luxman R-1050 receiver and I'm simply blown away!!!! I don't remember stereos sounding this good in the 70's! Maybe it's because the music was mainly the Bee Gees, Kenny Rodgers, Olivia Newton John, and Barry Manillo on 8 track. God I'm glad those days are behind me!

Anywaay, I have had Dali (still have MS5s), Audio Physic, KEF Reference, Acoustic Zen, etc... and none of them offer the sound for the money that these speakers do. Unfortunately, the drawback for these speakers is their shape. I put them on some nice "normal" steel stands and they look like 2 square balloons floating in space. They sound fantastic but the WAF is very low. Any suggestions on a good looking stands?

Thanks for your help.
They will sound even better if used as designed. Put them on the floor with something as simple as a phone book to tilt them back a bit. Sound for dollar spent will increase yet again!
Look into the Mapleshade Ultra Bedrocks - maple block-w/-brass-footers that slant the floor speakers upward. Should be perfect for the Heresys.
Looks like there's a pair on sale used here on A'Gon.
Zieman and Jgiacalo,

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, the room does not allow for the speakers to be on the floor due to the pool table placement. I need to elevate them about 24". I did have them up 24" and they sounded very nice.