Klipsch Heritage Range


With Heritage Range I mean specially Heresy IV and Forte IV.

Reviewers often says that they are made for rock. Also Jazz and sing and songwriter songs are mentioned. But never classical music. Why? Are there any lovers of classical music that also loves Klipsch?


The IV sound more open.  A little less forward.  I think the new mid driver is much better than the III driver , very detailed.   Vocals are much more intelligible.   Tweeter / Mid coherence is improved

I did not spend much time with the III.   They were unavailable so I just left a deposit to secure my trade on the IVs and they called me when they arrived ..... I bought the IV sight unseen.

Which speaker/speakers did you compare with?
Which amp did you use? 
I got the Heresy-IVs back in late November. When I started to go down the path of picking a new speaker, I had another speaker maker point out some of the issues with my room so I planned to treat the room around the same time that I ordered my IVs. The Heresy's came, and I had some of the same experience as @jwl244. 

Then I started to treat the room - I added diffusers on the ceiling spaced out between the speakers and the listening position. I added some diffusers to the front wall. I move the carpet. I replaced some flimsy window coverings with thicker, dual cell blinds. I added some art to the walls. Everything changed. I made a few other, small changes, moving some of my better (more neutral) cables back into the core system. 

Then, I really spent time positioning them. The difference between when I first put them in to now has been remarkable. I liked them at first but felt really unsettled about them. Now, I just really really like them to the point where I forget they are there and just find myself fascinated by the quality of the music. The ceiling diffusers moved the sound stage up, positioning made it wider and more engaging. 

I still have my LS50s - they scratch a different itch. And, like one of the other posters, I ordered a Decware a week or so after the IVs and in a few months will get to play around with that. I find that the IVs have done exceptionally well with the currently playing LTA Z40 (but what wouldn't), the Schiit Ragnarock, and the Rogue Sphinx. The Sphinx and Heresy combo is a little noisy for my taste, though, when nothing is playing. 

Music - a little of everything but not so much classical. Nick Cave's new 'Litanies' is playing in the background as I type this, and it sounds magical. 

Hmm... so maybe it basically a room issue. But still, I have never heard any fan of classical music saying they have a Klipsch speaker from the Heritage range.
@simna and @leahy 
I first tried a combination of the cxn v2 and Cambridge audio cxa81. Then I tried with my naim uniti atom. I eventually wound up keeping a pair of Martin kogan 6xti. Leahy I didn't burn in as you are suggesting. They were new.