Klipsch Heritage Series

I bought a Rotel amp/pre-amp set up a couple of years ago with B&W CM7 speakers. I ended up hating it and found out it was the Rotel gear. I parted with the Rotel gear for a Rogue Cronus Magnum and the difference in sound through the B&W CM7's was amazing. Now I'm at a point where I think I can do better with my sound stage with different speakers, and the shop where I bought the B&W speakers also sells Klipsch. When I research Klipsch Heritage speakers, I can't find a single review from anyone who hasn't owned them for less than twenty years. What is it about the Klipshc Heritage line? They're paper speakers that look like something that's stuck in time. Is there anyone out there that upgraded from say maybe Dynaudio to Klipsch Cornwalls? I also noticed that they seem to last a very long time. That confuses me since the paper on my printer turns yellow in a month if I don't use it. Please forgive my ignorance but I'm not that savvy with this stuff and I don't want to hold onto the B&W's if I don't have to. My last pair of speakers were B&W DM602's and they were the greatest speakers I've ever owned. I wish I still had them. They were cheap and awesome.
I forgot to address one of your concerns in my last post. You say you want better soundstaging. Klipsch might not be your best bet in that case. Horns are very directional. If pointed directly at you, the soundstage is very good, but not great. My Spendors and Harbeths soundstaged incredibly well. But they lacked the clarity, dynanics, and resolution of my Klipsch's, especially at low levels. You ask what it is about the Heritage line. For me, it's their overall sonic realism. But that isn't everyone's most important critereon.
IME, the Klipsch do have an excellent soundstage. I own Cornwalls, and have heard the Belles and the K-horns. The horns are of course directional, but IMO this actually directs the vast majority of the sound where you want it to go, and therefore it can minimize some negative effects of the room acoustics. Of course, this also depends greatly on the room. I have never been disappointed with the Klipsch, even for full scale opera.
Donjr On another thread of yours you indicated you had a problem with the front left corner of your room. Klipsch, as most speakers, do not fair best in corners, IME (K horns excluded). I will say, properly set up, a pair of Klipsch heritage speakers (I am partial to the Lascala) will give you endless hours of musical enjoyment.