Klipsch Jubilee amplifiers

What amplifiers are being found as a good pairing with the new Klipsch Jubilee speakers?


Our member Coytee will have your answer. He's here and on the Klipsch forum. 

There’s a member on the klipsch forum that just took delivery of a pair. There aren’t many of these in the wild yet.

I wish I had the room for a pair of Jubes because I'd own them.  I LOVE my CWIVs...enjoy your new speakers!

I remember my 93 Khorns and using an Adcom GFA585LE with them. I once saw a picture of PWK powering a pair of LaScalas with an Adcom GFA555 and knew I had a good match. Speaker cable was either cheap Monster clear jacket or lamp cord...I go with the lamp cord.

As was mentioned above, the Klipsch Communty is full of information for you, I've been a member there since 2000. Enjoy the Jubes, cheers.