Klipsch Jubilee & Klipschorn Experience


You do not need a large space for most horn speakers to integrate and horns are considered by many to be superior sounding at low SPL levels. Many who don't have experience with horn systems repeat the same bull passed about as facts. All horns don't honk, all horns are not colored, all horns are not glorified PA devices and you don't always need large spaces to house a horn speaker. 



Thanks for sharing. I totally agree with you. I think there's a great deal of misconceptions many have about horn loaded speakers. Also, your comments about the size of the room not having to be big are spot on. I asked Roy the engineer about whether or not a big room was needed and he said the same thing you did. Thanks again for shedding light. 

I have a pair if klipsch klf30. The room is 15x13 and sound great but if you like to listen at high volumes for too long you will start to suffer some fatigue

They sound wonderful, but I really couldn't get past the background chatter, especially during Vivaldi