Klipsch Jubilee & Klipschorn Experience


Small room. Big power.

1250 watts per side. Pair VTL 500 on tweeter. Pair VTL 750 on bass. Todd Cochrane recorded by David Manley.


Over the weekend, I spent a decent period of time being introduced to a 'New to Myself system'.

There were a Group in attendance at the residence of the systems owner, and most of the attendees were to experience the system for the first time.

The System consisted of CDP>Hegel HD 30 DAC >Sansui AU-111 Amp' (Fully Overhauled and Tube Rolled)>Klipsch Jubilee Speakers. 

In this Guise and after approx' 15 mixed genre Tracks Played, the attendee's were blown away by the produced sound.

The day was also to introduce the system owner to other variations that can be had within the system, resulting in a few changes being made.

In general 4-6 Tracks were played using each configuration.

The first being swapping out of interconnects, three different Brands were brought along, where the cheapest pair were £300 and one pair of the RCA Phono's had a purchase price of approx' £1000.

Again there was enough detected through the short period of demo's for each, to strongly suggest the resident set up benefits substantially with the £1000 Cables included.

A P-P 300b was used in place of the Sansui using the Hegel as a Pre', WOW! the systems owners face was BEAMING with a ear to ear Grin.

A Prototype Korg Nutube Pre-Amp' was added with the Hegel as a DAC only and there was even more to had, another WOW! moment. A noticeable expansion and insight of the produced sound was clearly evident.

 The CDP>Hegel was exchanged for a Perfect Wave Audio Memory Player and a Bespoke Built Valve DAC. This really brought something very new and very much wanted to the forefront. There was a run on the requests to repeat replay earlier used tracks, and it was a substantial change to the earlier replays.

The Klipsch Jubilees were doing their job perfectly, the upstream of the Speakers system was Top Drawer in all guises used, this has a lot to do with the qualities associated with the sound being produced. 

I have had triamplified DIY horns in my main system for the last nineteen years.  I initially used a tube/SS hybrid amp on the bass and Cary Audio 2a3 SET monoblocks on the mids and highs.  I ended up with a Pass Labs X150 on the bass and two First Watt F3 stereo amps on the mids and highs.  The change from tubes to SS improved the SQ and is quieter.

@souljasmooth How big is your room? One comment I heard about the Jubilees is that, because the horn for treble is around 5 ft high, they sound better if you stand up rather than sitting down. Do you notice this at all? I am considering the new Jubilee.