klipsch RF-7 loose internal connections?

I recently found a discussion on line where a person had an issue with a driver not work. To make a long story short, he inspected the driver connection at the driver not the crossover and found a loose connection. I looked into my drivers just to see what he was describing and found three out of the four 10 inch woofers to have very loose connections on them. The crimp type sleeve connectors were used. I used some pliers and squeezed them enough to tighten the connector and put them back together and found a substantial increase in mid bass performance. I just wanted to see if any of you have experienced this issue with loose connection at the driver. I had my wife listen to them after I adjusted them. I did not tell her I had made any changes and she noticed the increase in information being passed through the speakers as well. if you think your RF-7s are not performing as well as you think they should, you may want to take a quick look at the driver connections. I would also like to know if you have other models of Klipsch speakers that have the same issue?
I just wanted to get the word out to folks that if you have any klipsch speakers, it might be worth checking your connections. My speakers did not sound bad, they just never sounded complete. They now sound complete and amazing. I wanted to ask what makes of speaker people with this issue had and if checking this connection helped them as it did me.
Klipsch are awesome speakers. It's too bad some never give them a try. Major bang for the buck.