Klipsch speaker choices

First post here but long time 2 channel guy. 

I currently have a system with Klipsch RF3 speakers and a crossover with stereo subs.  Sound is good but I think the highs and mids are still a bit edgy.  Bought a Schiit Aegir with passive preamp and see vast improvement.  All my interconnects and speaker wire have also been upgraded. I just listened to the RF7 iii but very briefly.  Initial impression is it was more laid back but I am wondering how that speaker sounds vs the Heritage box speakers.  I will probably listen to the Heresy 4 first but wondering if there is a difference in sound between the tower and the box speakers. 

I also have read about the Tekton speakers but am hesitant since I can't listen to them.  It is all over the place opinion wise about the Tektons.  The Klipsch Heresy are within driving distance for an audition.  They will have several models to listen to if I talk myself into going further up the cost ladder.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. 
" BTW, the Heresy IVs will be incredible, imo.........but, if you have the room, and budget, the CW IV will be the finest, of all that were mentioned. "  Best by far unless you move up to (guessing at this) KHorns which we did not hear or Jubilees which we did hear..
I had a chance to listen to the Cornwall IV and the new Forte and Heresy this past weekend at the Klipsch factory sound room and the Heresy is now rear ported and much better sounding. The Forte shows improvement also but the real shocker was the Cornwall IV. I have never been a fan of Cornwalls but this new one is a giant leap forward and the boomy big box sound the old ones had to me is gone. Great presence and very musical. You can save a bunch of money if you are patient and get a set of Chorus speakers which are also great and my favorite Heritage speaker until i heard the new Cornwall. The Chorus will need to be recapped and an upgrade to a MAHL tweeter also makes a big difference.

If you can’t or don’t want to work on used speakers the Cornwall is MUCH better than the Forte and Heresy now.
There was also a set of new Jubilees there and while they are much bigger and not pretty they were in another league way above the other three. The Jubes and Cornwalls for most people won’t require subs and probably the same is true for the Forte. As you can tell by my comments though the Forte impressed me the least of the four sets we heard. I am kind of leaning towards the new Heresy + sub and if you go that route perhaps good used would work. I don’t know your budget.
We also heard the recent production Heresy and Forte and Cornwalls and all the new ones have improved though the Forte improved the least.
Finally for my taste if you have the room bigger is better and the Klipsch cinema speakers for 200 seat venues and up are spectacular and you have a chance to hear those do so. Those big speakers sound better at volumes so low you can barely hear them to ear splitting.

Did you know there is a Klipsch forum where good deals are posted?
Those guys don't know other brands exist. You can tag along on the
annual pilgrimage to Arkansas to pay your respects. Those folks eat, live, breathe and expel Klipsch products and tweaks.

On to your question: No room treatments you say? Buy nothing
until you address that. DIY for $300 can do the job pretty well.

Once the room sounds as good as it likely can then see how the current speakers sound. Still edgy? If so you may want to lose the horns and find a high efficiency replacement. Anything rated at 94 or higher will work. Your budget seems unclear but look for some lightly used 15" dual concentric Tannoys if you want lose the harshness. 15" Tannoys have been in production for 60 years so you should find a decent pair.
Loved LaScalas with a 2A3,300B or SE EL84 amp. That was in a large ish living room.
Depending on your budget and room size, I would definitely listen to the Heresy, Forte, and Cornwall. The Heresy is a good start. However, after listening to the Forte III, and also comparing to other brands such as the Tannoy Legacy Cheviot, I found the Forte to be a remarquable loudspeaker and an excellent compromise regarding sound quality and cabinet size. I think it is a very good choice for mid size to large room. The Cornwall is certainly another one to try but it is huge, I did not have a chance to hear it.