Klipsch speaker placement

Can Klipsch be placed into the room or are they all designed for corner or near wall placement?


thanks, Scott


I’m currently using Altec Santiago but I’m needing something more efficient.


I like my speakers pulled out into the room, so thanks for the info

I couldn’t be happier with my Heresy IV’s....unless someone offered me some la Scalas.


Looking at those Altec's, you ARE looking at La Scalas I assume.

I am a bit torn because I don’t like the idea of using a sub.

 I understand that’s a weakness of the Lascallas. So I’m thinking the Cornwall iv

may be a better fit.


I have a 28x17 room so it’s not small.

Cornwall IV will definitely have “more” bass than the LS, but it won’t have the quality of horn loaded bass. And the CW can’t compete with the midrange of the LS. 

LS + subs is the way to go.