Klipsch speaker placement

Can Klipsch be placed into the room or are they all designed for corner or near wall placement?


thanks, Scott


Cornwall's yes. Subs yes. Not all situations are the same, of course, but most can benefit from a sub that works for your system. I was the original no sub guy. Now I use 3. All of the Heritage speakers benefit from a good sub. 

And yes the Heritage line are easier to place than many speakers. Mine are close to the walls and do everything well but excel at pressurizing the room.

@52tiger, I have the La Scala ll’s in my 13x24 room. Even if I'm in another part of the house you feel the base. Their just a faster speaker! So if your interested, pull the trigger. Running them with an PrimaLuna HP & KT-88’s. BTW, I have them tucked into the corners, about 6’’ off the wall.