Klipsch speaker placement

Can Klipsch be placed into the room or are they all designed for corner or near wall placement?


thanks, Scott


@danmar123  I have all tubes too, but I dont get depth unless I am away from the wall. Now my depth is generally 6 feet...some recording 12 feet. I will experiment tonite

@danmar123  I just pushed my speaker back and the depth went 1/2 a foot. Try pulling your speakers out so that back of the speaker is 32" from the wall and something absorbent on the wall behind the speaks.


tell us what happens.


I experimented so Id like you to try as well.

Klipsch loudspeakers should be against a wall. Subwoofers should always be against a wall or in a corner. The problem is matching the subs to the main speakers in time. That requires DSP which most do not have. 


Placing speakers against the wall doesn't not affect the 3rd dimension. Your brain can however. In humans what you see can affect what you hear. Always listen with your eyes closed. You will get a much better appreciation of how the system is performing.