Klipsch speaker placement

Can Klipsch be placed into the room or are they all designed for corner or near wall placement?


thanks, Scott


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I listened to Cornwall 4 as well as Lascala and Crites modded Cornscalas I bought them. I liked there sound the best.

I can speak into Klipsch. From Heresy 2, to Forte 3, to Heresy iv, to Cornwall iv currently.

These Heritage Cornwall iv pair are keepers due to their overall adaptation to most all music genre, and tastes in what you or your listeners like best. I currently have some of the best known amps to enjoy with them: tubers Cary SLI-80, Don Has Inspire 300B SET (with Western Electric), Nelson Pass First Watt J2, and currently using the NAD C316BEE. The are all streaming through Bluesound Node version 3 and external Denafrips Ares2, [with a Nakamichi CA-7A preamp].

In a 7 foot triangle, speakers forward 12”, 18”, or back close to the wall, the Cornwalls allow for a lot of positioning fun. Listening fatigue depends on toe in position or none. Bass is found close to the wall… midrange is revealing ALWAYS, and treble highs need attenuation.

However, to find bass, mid, and treble ability to slightly attenuate will produce your best ear, as we all hear differently. I have found the preamp ability to tweak to your liking will be your answer to what YOU want to hear. I praise my Nakamichi 35 year old preamp for my end product of quality enjoyable sound. And to match power with those efficient speakers, the NAD is my best overall amp… never would have thought that. It has a bass and treble knob on the amp, which works great, as you can’t find many NAK preamps like I’m blessed to have found with remote… way ahead of it’s time and sounding like you’re gonna pay $10,000 for nowadays with only half the build quality