Klipsch Speakers

I have a pair of Klipsch Forte IVs, they are bright will a tube amp really help? 


The following is lifted from another post and was written by me.

I’m not suggesting that anyone do this, but it has worked for me.


"I’d like to share my recent experience. The binding posts on my Klipsch Forte 4 are always coming loose. As I was planning to replace the cheesy pound-in metal caps (like you find on a chair leg) with spikes, I decided to open the binding post panel and tighten things up as long as the speaker was off its base.

This is what I found: 1. speaker wires were reversed on one of the woofer’s binding posts (positive on negative and vice versa). 2. Discovered that Klipsch is using .002 inch/thick stainless steel strips as "extenders", that bridge the distance from the binding post to the wire that goes to the crossover. These strips are approximately 3/4 X 1/4 inch (and .002, two thousands inch thick). I replaced these (8) strips with beefier solid copper copies. To my ears, the copper extenders made a world of difference. Sound is much less strident at volume, soundstage width and depth increased dramatically, sound is more natural and organic, and instrumental identity and imaging has improved.

As far as the always-loose binding posts, the easiest solution is to use banana plugs on your wire.

For spades, the most you can do is drop the BP panel (six screws) and tighten the inside nut of each post, with a small screw driver inserted in the hole of the outside post. This is as tight as it will ever be. I’d advise against Locktight as it may hamper contact and reduce the audio signal. Once the binding post assembly is tight, reassemble everything and NEVER tighten the large nuts more than finger tight when you connect your speaker wire (any tighter will just re-loosen the assembly).

IMO, this binding post design is, to be polite, bad engineering.

Please note: These improvements while using a 14 year old Onkyo HT receiver. I can’t wait to hear what a good tube amp will sound like!

The good news is that the Forte 4s are much better speakers than I thought!"

I have the same problem with the binding posts coming loose so I use a good banana plug also.

has anyone a option with the PrimaLuna tube amps?


Tube power may help since a few roll off a bit. You could try more toe-in an EQ or maybe some room treatment to get a proper balance to your sound.

I hear you, I have moved these things around so much it’s crazy lol

I was thinking about a equalizer but don’t know if messing with the sound is the answer…


The drivers used in Klipsch loudspeakers are not very sophisticated/expensive, you cannot expect them to sound as good as some very well-designed modern drivers. It sounds like you don't like what you are hearing and in that case, it might be time to move on.