Klipsch Speakers

I have a pair of Klipsch Forte IVs, they are bright will a tube amp really help? 


@silverfoxvtx1800 ,  Thanks for telling us about your system. 

The Forte IV is a pretty great speaker. Before I would move on and conclude it's not your taste, I'd try a different front end amp and possibly source. 

Like @mrmojo  above, I have tried Fortes and Cornwall IVs with Primaluna and Elekit 300b amongst others.  I think you may owe it to yourself to try different amps. 

One combination I had that was sublime was using a Schitt Freya in front of the Elekit or a Carver Crimson 275.  

I'm a bit of a tube head, BUT, I was shocked to hear how good the CWIVs sounded with a Marantz KI Ruby integrated.  

How loud do you like to listen/drive?  If you don't listen very loud, SET amps can be spellbinding.  Yet, tossing a good hunk of power at such efficient speakers can sometimes be unnecessary, not better, or other times amazing.  It just depends. 

I would play around with stuff. But that's just me. In today's world, you can go out and scoop up something just to try it. 

Dynamat works wonders ( you can also use Peel & Seal roofing repair tape ). Stop the resonance and vibration !

Just looked at the crossovers in my original Forte's and the components are wired directly to the terminals.  There are no metal strips.  I seemed to remember that from when I installed new caps several years ago but had to look again.  

Nothing new here but a brightness problem depends much on the recording where the highs were likely boosted for better sound from a boom box.  

Nothing expensive in this room.  A Bellari tube preamp at the listening position into long homemade cables to a Dayton Audio APA-150, which is just like the Emotiva look alike.  It sits between the speakers so speaker cables are short which I think sounds better.  

Its a cheap amp with the big power transformer which is crucial for decent class a/b sound.  I don't want to spend more money but I don't begrudge those who do. 

Got the speakers for $500 from CL.  Doesn't have to be a super expensive hobby for enjoyable sound.  

I do like the way the Forte's sound at low levels, which is how I listen.  Should also mention that I have high frequency hearing loss as an old guy but that means nothing sounds too bright.  Like having an equalizer in your head.  

After my third pair of Klipsch speakers…now Heresy 4’s… I can’t think any speaker sounds as good. Efficiency is the major player. 96 db sensitivity. Wow! I think they sound great…Spring-Summer solid state ( Marantz 2226 b), and my (Cary Rocket 88 ROM-CAD) tube amp Fall-Winter… (keeping the Mancave cooler and warmer)!

I find adequacy in the Node, (streamer), and Integra CD Player. With streamers, ask yourself: can you really hear the difference? 

But with Klipsch…you WILL hear a difference. People can’t believe horny midrange works, but it does. Best to keep your amp low powered( 20-40 WPC), and play low volumes to really HEAR the Klipsch difference…cause they can be loud if you need to be ANYTIME!


Save money on Amp power, get decent cables that run a medium price range, and insulate your cables picking up PVC rubber insulation at Home Depot.