klipsch speakers,be honest

here's the deal,i have khorns & cornwalls,i struggled with the sound from them for what seems like a life time,i took some very sound advice from fellow ag members & it really paid off,it seems as im listening to them for the 1st time,i cant believe how good the sound is,anybody else ever been suprised by how good a pair of klipsch can sound when they are set up properly.

even if you hate klipsch speakers i can take it just dont bash them without an explaination of why you hate them,
be honest,i wont get offended.
Here's a link to one of Bob's creations. You can write him, and he will send photos with an explanation of the process. I don't think he has a web site, but I'm not certain about that.

I use his crossovers on my La Scala's, and they sound tonally like the originals, but the mids/highs project notably better.


I had a dealer who had a pair of Cornwalls he said he could not sell...really! So I told him to bring in a Jolida JD1000 el34 100wpc tube integrated to mate with it. He sold the system within a week. Just about any of the old K's were...are great. I know small is in, but reality is that cabinet volume does work well when properly engineered.
I've been enjoying the above discourse regarding Klipsh tweaks; I also lost all of my PC files in that regard, so this review is a nice catchup.
One very basic issue that hasn't yet been mentioned is the installation of cones/spikes. Spiking the cabinets to my concrete floor provided the typical improvements that most speakers exhibit from spiking: especially notable were improvements in overall clarity & bass definition of my Belles. I have the BBC MKII threaded brass cones.
I am no audiophile expert - but i do care immeasurably for music and strive to present it in its most natural form within my dancespace. I am considering purchasing a pair of Khorns for use in a 10m square room - concrete floor and walls - the space is a dance space and high volume is essential...clarity taking precedence over bass extension.

I would be very grateful to anyone who could confirm that these are the same model Klipsch that David Mancuso & Alex Rosner used at the legendary 'Loft' in NYC during the 70s/80s.

I would also be very grateful to anyone willing to give me advice in terms of amplification: I am considering restoring a couple of giant Manley Monoblocs (i need to purchase the valves)

many thanks - Dominic (London)