Klipsch speakers sound better than ever


I just finished upgrading my Klipsch Chorus II crossovers with all new capacitors and resistors and results were amazing. It wasn't very hard to solder off the parts and then solder on the new, higher quality parts. Easily, the most positive sonic upgrade. More than any IC, speaker cable or power conditioner has made without a doubt.

The best part of this is that, in terms of cost, it was much cheaper than upgrading any of my components, IC's, PC's or power conditioners.

I really like my Klipsch speakers, very easy to drive, dynamic and detailed. The one problem that people have with Klipsch speakers are that they tend to be bright. After I swapped the crossover parts, the brightness dissappeared and now they sound very neutral. Yet, they are even more dynamic and detailed. Fatigue city has left town. The new sound is heavenly.

I'm now in the process of upgrading my KLF-C7 crossover network as my next project. I'm going to upgrade all the capacitors and resistors.

My KLF-20's are already upgraded with all new, higher quality capacitors and resistors.


I upgraded my Chorus II's early last year myself. It's not that hard if you know how to desolder and solder. If you don't, you better let somebody else do it.

I charge $225 to do a pair of Chorus II's.


Thanks for the response and I am interested however, my speakers are in Fairfield, CA. Your price, does it include the entire upgrade plus your labor? I have very little experience soldering so, am not too willing to experiment on my speakers.
Thanks for your kind reply, my address is: rolandotag@msn.com
Thanks and saludos, Rolando.

PS. It is refreshing to find out that there are others that like and value the Klipsch Chorus II speakers. I always felt so inferior to those with those high brow brands.
I love my Totem's but if size and decor weren't issues I'd be looking seriously at Klipsch. They're just too big.

Have the wall mount Ref series in my HT room and they are great there.
I have a pair of Klipsch Quartet speakers that need a crossover upgrade. Please contact me if interested.

I have a pair of upgraded quartets (tweets and xovers)

the sound is pretty amazing