Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?

His passionate hatred for Heresy's and other Klipsch speakers made me laugh.

To clear the air, PWK designed the 5 original Heritage models, which are the Klipschorn, Belle, Lascala, Cornwall and Heresy ( and, all to a particular price point ).
I had the  901's then got the KHorns. KHorns  did kick ass.  Not the 901s sorry Bose Folks. The Bose claim to fame was you could play them louder than most before distortion kicked in. Problem was you had to listen too.
The heavy fellow in the Rant  is right about one thing: Hearsay speakers
should be deemed inadmissible. haha
I also had 901's back in the day.  Hang em in the air with macrame and burn incense!, and other stuff.
I learned thru trial and error.  I have a pair of Heresy 3s and Cornwall 3s (amongst others) these days. Heresy is bedroom and I rotate the Cornwalls in the main room occasionally.  Looking forward to building a Cornscala for fun in the future.
gawdbless, I heard the latest Forte speakers, and thought they were awful muddy. I heard a vintage pair of corner horns that were nice. The audiophiles that I know wouldn't own any of the current Klipsch line-up. But YMMV.

Interesting that he is saying " if you like female vocal, like Diana Krall, or other female vocals like her, I can see using this speaker ".
That statement, along with the fact he's a CV fan, just proves he hasn't much experience with really good speakers. The Heresys are respectable with vocals at their price point, but they're far less refined in that regard than a good British monitor, even after damping the horns.