Klipsh near New Hampshire

Hi...I live in New Hampshire...near Portsmouth. I have read
a lot of comments on the Klipschorns,Belle,and LaScalas. I
have never seen or heard any of these speakers...Is there anyone near that has any of these speakers and would be willing to let me listen to them...thanks Tony
They might not have any of the three speakers you are looking for, and the listening rooms are poor at some locations, but Tweeter Etc. does carry Klipsch. There's one in Newington, and I believe one in Salem.
you really have to travel at least 6 degrees of latitude above the arctic circle to hear the klipsh in all their glory. despite the "corner loading" design, they are truly at their best in a round room such as an igloo or yurt. one problem. of course, is they're hard to pack on a pony, camel or even musk ox. very large newfoudlands have been trained to pull them in custom made carts.
Sluggo, you are just soooooo witty.Can I have your autograph? No one does sarcasm as well. Do you do anything else, or is this all there is?