Klyne Audio Arts System 7 line stage

Hello all,

I have had Klyne Audio Arts system 7 line stage and a phono preamp for more than 20 years. I love the sound of my system and I'd like to use both Klyne units as long as possible. I am 67 and still working but I am going to retire soon. If I need to update my system before I retire, I feel it is the time now. Apparently, Stan Klyne is out of business. Is there anyone who could maintain or repair Klyne equipment now? If I need to replace my line stage, what preamp do you think would be the closest to the sound Klyne preamps produce. I'd like to keep it below $10,000.

I am thankful to anyone who responds.



I owned Klyne for many years in the past,  then I moved to tubes then when coming back to SS I discovered Rowland was similar in many respects to the Klyne gear.  I’d recommend you check it out. 


Thank you very much. I have never seen any Rowland in MN but I am sure their reputation is deserved. I'll research. Again, I appreciate your response.



If that Klyne is playing well I wouldn’t do a thing. Play it until the wheels fall off. You have a very nice system. I’d spend the money on your digital front end if the money is burning a hole in your pocket or cables. A friend loaned me a few of the knock off Nordost which I’ll be trying here soon so I’ll hold judgement until I get some time with them. Keep and enjoy your Klyne.


O yes, it is playing very well and I love it - as one reviewer put it, it sounds "like clear spring water". However, I've had it for more than 20 years and when I purchased it, it was not new. I would like to use it until one of us dies and I am trying to figure out what I am going to do if the pre-amp dies first.

I hope you enjoy your cables as much as I am enjoying mine. I still can't believe it how much they improved the sound of my system.

Thanks for responding.

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I can offer two options - upgrade to the Klyne or I have one that we build 6SN7 tubes that I can sent do you to hear.


Happy Listening.