Knocked Out by Nola KO speakers

At the local audio show today I listened for the first time to the Nola (Accent Speaker Technology) KO speakers in system with an Ayon source and Modwright amplification.

The Nola KO loudspeaker is the top model in the Boxer Collection. While it incorporates the easy to drive characteristics of other Boxer Collection models, it also borrows concepts from Nola's Reference Series.

At $9800 I thought the speakers had a very strong value proposition - something we see too rarely in high end audio. The speakers were capable of creating an expansive sound-stage, satisfying bass and fairly good coherence considering the number of drivers!

I am wondering if others have opinion on these speakers?
I have to agree, I was just in New York and me and my friend went to Lyric to check out the new Audio Research REF 75. And they had it paired with these speakers that I really had never heard of much less heard before. My attention was to be on the amp (which is amazing) but after leaving all we could talk about was the speakers. WE did a side by side with B&W 802's and the B&W would go a tad lower but the KO'S had such a huge sound stage. I really could just listen the the recording and forgot about the gear which is usually impossible for me to. I really would like to hear them again as I am now seriously considering buying a pair.
I have a pair of Boxer 2’s that I am listening to as I type. They seem to do so many things right. This is not an iron clad fact,just my humble opinion. I would like to hear Nola’s larger offerings,however my listening room is small,9x13x8,and the Boxers fit perfectly.