Know anything about Pentagram Loudspeakers?

I got a pair of these as freebies today from someone on Craigslist. This example is in very rough shape, but looks intriguing: about 3 1/2 feet tall, black veneer over 1" MDF, 5-sided pyramid shape with about an 8" woofer, mid and (looks like a) ribbon tweeter. Has anyone heard of these speakers before? Thay are QUITE heavy, and the internal components look very substantial. I haven't had a chance to hook them up or look them over very closely yet, but I'm very intrigued.
RC22, I haven't heard any of the Alta Audio speakers, but I too have read favorable comments about them.  And of course they have the benefit of 30+ years of additional experience Mr. Levy has had since his Pentagram days.

About a year after my previous posts in this thread I moved on to a $15K pair of the highly regarded Daedalus Ulysses speakers.  They are of course better than the Pentagram P10 in various ways, but I'll say that they certainly don't make me regret that I had used the P10 for all those years.  And as I said earlier in the thread the P10 handily outperformed several other large speakers I briefly owned and then sold during those years, including B&W 801s and two different pairs of large vintage Tannoys.

Best of luck in your search.  Regards,
-- Al
I head the Alta 2-ways(4K) in Mpls. dealer recently , a magnificent speaker. Very easy on the ears, not a trace of "hi-fi" whatsoever .
If I were younger I would have bought them .
Apologies for the very late "thank you" to almarg and Schubert.  Really nice information to have.  Recently I traveled and missed the chance to hear Altas.  The dealer was out of town himself.  A bummer because he had two other brands I want to hear:  Joseph and Devore.  I am way overdue to visit a buddy of mine in NYC/Long Island.  That's when I will hopefully be able to run thru my list of 10 or so brands and maybe discover something new to me.