know anything about the Unison Research Unico?

I love music.

After having spent thousands of dollars on various pieces of equipment years ago and becoming fed up with the 'absolute sound' race, I settled down and bought a receiver (yuck!). Having this in my home certainly could play music, but not in any way that was enjoyable. So, I stopped listening.

I've been bitten once again. I currently own a Nakamichi AV10 for home theatre and i'm running NHT speakers all the way around (which I may or may not change, depending on what I do about amps). I feel the Nak just doesn't cut it for music reproduction and so, i've been looking into higher end integrateds to add to the equation (ie. I will run cd's through the integrated and continue to use the Nak for home theatre). I originally thought about upgrading to a high end preamp processor, but cost won't allow it. I feel the Nak to be good enough for movies anyway!!)

Can anyone tell me their thoughts/ experiences with the Unison Research Unico?
I like the idea that it is a hybrid b/c I love the airiness and dimensionality of tubes. It sounds good to me, but I have not tried it out for any extended time period.

I'm also looking into the Moon i-3. Can anyone enlighten me as to how this would compare?

Also looking at the Classé CAP 101. (must say that i'm hesitant with this one b/c I've always thought Classé to be too dark sounding)

Sorry for this quickly written post - Just gotta get answers!!!

I'm mostly leaning toward the Unison Research.

I have once upon a time used a Bryston 4bst to run the mains (NHT 2.5i), but overall, the sound ended up being too hard and 'cold'.

I'm thinking of ditching the NHT speakers and trying something new (after I pick an amp).

Here's what I'm looking for:

1. Sense of air
2. good on female AND MALE vocals
3. 3d soundstage
4. strong imaging
5. sense of space (ties in with 1,3 and 4)
6. must have adequate bass
7. good for small to medium sized room

Also, looking into Axiom speakers...anyone know about the M22ti? It seems strange that i should want to seemingly 'downgrade', but I've heard good things about these inexpensive speakers.
I had an SR-1 Integrated, which is a cooler looking (and more expensive) Unico. (Check the website)

There was great air
good on vocals (just a little SS bite, that while some prefer, I'm an all tube man)
imaging and soundstaging were what impressed me the most
sense of space is great (also, interestingly, most tweakable with changing the tubes)
Bass was not the strongest point, as it sounded a little tubey (low damping factor- if used with a sealed speaker, would probably tighten up-NHT ported, as I recall)
but there was certainly enough for my medium-small room.

I emailed Unison, and they basically said that the SR-1 was the more "substantial" product, (look at it) but besides, they are very similar.

I ultimately decised that tubes are for me, and I kept my ROgue Tempest Integrated, which I highly recommend.
there are a slew of them for sale right now, albeit a bit more than a new Unico.

good luck.
Thanks so far, guys...

I'm still trying to get more info on the thing...but I can't seem to find any good reviews (only the same two reviews keep coming up in my online searches!!!)

Anyway, thanks again.

More responses would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry, I've never heard the Unison but have heard conrad-johnson's and Audio Research's integrated. They are typical procducts from those companies, the "connie" is a bit soft overall but quite musical. The Audio Reseach is cooler in sound yet does a great job with ProAc speakers, especially the Response series. Should also sound good with Vienna Acoustics (which are works of art for the price, by the way). I've also heard a number of NTH speakers and had hard time "getting close" to any of them, if you know what I mean. By the way, I'm a dedicated all-tube, all-the-time guy so my advice is prejudiced. I've been using tubes since 1983 and have twice gone back to S.S. thinking the convienence (SP?) would be nice. Each time my pure musical enjoyment listening time was quickly reduced. The last time (early 1990s) I stopped listening to music completely - just used it for background or housework.