Know of a "Dirt Cheap" tweak?

I am looking for tweaks to improve the overall sound quality of my audio system. I recently purchased some TPC contact cleaner and it made a believer out of me. I noticed a signicant improvement, as if a veil was lifted my system sounded more clear and transparent. Bass got tighter too. Do you know of any cheap tweaks that have made a SIGNIFICANT improvement to the sound quality of your Hifi system...let us know... :-) Comments welcomed!
That's interesting, audiokinesis. I've found that the chocolate actually deadens the vibrations in my stomach, much better than the bags of sand mentioned by Bozo.
Actually the tweak about the cups upside down is in a issue of Stereophile. I use dixie cups and lift my spkr cables off the floor with good effects. Good listening
Some neat stuff, like the chocolate one! Why after midnight? Well think about it, if the industry is making a gazillion power conditioners because of all the EMF and noise created by your neighbors dishwasher and your hearing it in your system, and you are, try listening late its like buying the worlds best power conditioner! You will hear a more black background in your system in fact all resolution comes more alive if you can hear the spray on your cd this will blow you away. Also can't help but comment on the mass issue you know, the sand bags the cutting board stuff that changes mass, ponder this little fact every thing has a frequency even you! Your audio gear every piece vibrates, when you and an isolator (cone or platform) you change the frequency of the total vibration.That my freind is the same with adding mass the art to this is to amplify or play only the frequency that is on the souce material! Mass usually helps speed up the natural gravitational pull that takes the largest amount of vibration out of our system. But that answers, why all these huge chasis out there? If you want to maximize your tweaking potential use Audiopoints. These take vibrations wich are the cause of disstortion (added frequencies caused buy wires and transfomers and such) and transfer them to your rack instead of your amp. Otherwise they'll be amplified and played for you. If not you will knowingly or not, keep toe tapping to your buzzing transformer! I recomend adding the mass as well. Sistrum the new stuff by starsound who makes audiopints ( is trully the altimate tweak. Anything you put on it becomes simply magical. Watch for info on this stuff or just buy one, I have and it wont ever go back. Merry Christmass god bless. Doc.
Try cupping your hands around your ears to varying degrees. Sticking your tongue out at bad recordings often helps.