Know of any true bullet proof equipment stories?

My buddy was just telling me about his Mcintosh MC275 he has that he scored after it had been in a fire and thrown out of a second story window.

To quote him "Its ugly as hell, But it still works pretty good"

I figured I'd see what other stories yall had
Here's one. Not exactly audio, but years ago when I was in the Air Force I was bringing a Hewlett Parkard o'scope back to the shop after calibration. The scope was sitting on a foam pad in a box. Unfortunately, the box was not secured and the trucks back door was opened. When I accelerated from a stop sign the scope slid out the back of the truck and bounced along behind us for 20 yards or so.
Pick the scope up and took it back to the shop and checked it out. The thing worked perfect. I used that piece for about three more years and never had an issue with it. Now that was a bullet proof piece of electronics.
My comment is a little off topic, but picks up on a story similar to Hifixpert's experience about reputable companies that stand behind their gear. In my case, the equipment is an Audio Research VS-115 tube amp.

Yesterday in the late afternoon, while checking tube bias, it came to my attention that the bias voltage in one tube was zero. I immediately called ARC and spoke to Calvin Dahl. Calvin diagnosed the likely problem as being a burned out bias resister, which happens from time to time with tube equipment. Calvin checked the serial number of the amp and advised that it was still under warranty. He also provided me with the name of a local ARC authorized service technician.

The technician kindly agreed to check the unit and effect the necessary repairs IN MY HOME because the amp is a little too heavy and bulky for me to drag around. Two hours later, the tech showed up. The repair took all of 45 minutes to do (i.e., replace a burned out bias resister), and voila, I'm back up. Of course, the repair was covered under warranty.

I'm sure that other members can offer similar stories about their experiences. And maybe they should -- in another thread. But since my experience is so fresh after just reading Hifixpert post, I had to post my story too. Kudos to ARC -- and Bryston too.

I completely agree, I luckily have an amazing local tech/salesman/speaker builder who is a friend and I can bribe with beer.

I firmly believe in building relationships with people in your community. Its amazing what a little listening and appreciation will get you.

It helps I used to work with him, but if you can find someone who loves what they do, their looking just as much for someone like them that they can talk to. I was amazed when I went and had beers with him the first time and he actually wanted to talk about stereo outside the shop!

Life is all about relationships, remember this and youll get some great advice and if your lucky when something goes wrong youll go straight to the top of the list
Oh thanks for all the great stories, I always said McIntosh was bulletproof literally, Its cool to hear other stories, especially the marantz, now thats impressive!

Thanks again