Koetsu Rosewood - Best/safest way to clean stylus

I have a Koetsu Rosewood Signature and have been cleaning the stylus using LAST (I think that is the brand) liquid with a brush, followed by using the cueing to drop the needle onto a Magic Eraser 4-5 times. I think this works pretty well, but I worry about the liquid... having read about liquid wicking up the cantilever, etc.

Could using liquid damage the cartridge? Could dropping the cueing down onto the Magic Eraser "grab" the needle and damage the suspension as I raise it? It seems like the only safe way to use Magic Eraser because I don't trust my hands to be steady enough to do it any other way.

Is there another cleaning method that has actually been proven (via microscope) to clean the needle safely and be safe for the cartridge?

I laugh every time I hear how the ME is scary to use and I only drop in the stylus on it. I’ve been using ME for years and I take it and brush it back to front on my stylus, which right now is a Koetsu Urushi gold. Before that I used the same method on my Grado Statement 1. Unless you have a cheap cartridge with bad glue there is no way you can damage the stylus with ME unless your rough with it and have all thumbs. I’ve found cleaners just gunk up the stylus after awhile and collect dust. My diamond stylus have all look clean and clear, not cloudy or yellow. This is how the stylus diamond should look. Clean and clear. My stylus last for 3,000 hrs this way. I count the hours I play albums. I also ultrasonically clean all my albums and destat them. No residue ever on my stylus with this process. 
With wet cleaning all vinyl (new and used) I have never felt anything more than an up and down on a magic eraser was needed. Under a microscope the stylus looks perfect and on gross inspection after record sides there is never any lint, dust, debris on the stylus.