Koetsu Rosewood Vs Rosewood Signature Vs HANA UMAMI RED advice please

I ended up buying an Acoustic Signature Typhoon, with a 11" Kuzma 4Point. Now the question is which cartridge I get.
I have a Hana E and M in my current VPI and really like them, but I looking forward to test something else. I like detail without much in your face(?), soundstage and some hint of warmth. 

I saved $4K for a cartridge and I am getting 25% off on any cartridge I want, and do not need to spend the $4k.

I am open to other brands, except Sound Smith which I had in my Bergmann Galder and did not like at all.

My system for the Typhoon is composed of
Tannoy Kensington
Pathos Heritage, or Primaluna 300
Manley Labs Steelhead 
all powered with a PS powerplant.
Thank you
@dover the cr50 is out of my budget, I am, at this point, looking for a step up or 2 from the Hana SL/ML. $4k is the max I want to spend. This is for a system I use a week a month when I come to the USA to work.
Thank you
I can give you a little of my perspective in that I have been running Koetsus, am very familiar with Kuzma's products but cannot comment on other aspects. I have been running two different new fresh authorized stone bodies on Kuzma's original Airline arm (which has a similar, locking VTA tower off axis of pivot point or in the case of the Airline, the remaining body of the arm and rail on which the air bearing travels). Both of these cartridges use the platinum magnets and I was told by someone who has one stone body and a Rosewood Platinum (whatever it is called) that the latter performs in the same league as the stone bodies. I don't know about the lower priced versions of the Rosewood, though I certainly remember the original that came to the U.S.
The stone bodies present a rich, full bodied sound with amazing bass (linear arms are not noted for bass) that is full of character if it is on the source material,, e.g. a double bass solo, drums- I listen to a lot of post-bop small combo.
I did try one of the Koetsus on a 9 inch 4 Point, an arm I like very much (though much stripped down from the longer versions), and did not like how it sounded-- perhaps it needed more adjustment, but that cartridge sounded beautiful out of the box on the linear arm. 
Oh, I had a Steelhead-- so that was one other thing we shared at one point. Good luck. My experience with Koetsu has been very positive- not the old technicolor midrange and roll off of the originals. 
I have a Kuzma Ref 2, with a Ref 313 VTA... Perhaps not quite to 4 Point 11" level, but similar mass and an arm I'm very happy with. I was in the same price range as you, and have an MSL Hyper Eminent on the way. I bought it last week. I spoke with someone who has experience with the MSL Eminent EX (base model) and the Unami. He said the latter is more of a detailed, forward sound than the similarly priced base MSL. The gold body Hyper is actually described right on the MSL site as being a bit more forgiving. It's supposed to be very dynamic, but not the last word in detail like the higher priced Ultra Eminent EX. Please keep in mind he likes the Unami very much, and his comments were in direct comparison to the base model My Sonic. I find Dovers advice really interesting, as I have also heard great things about Phasemation. I must ask Dover, what LOW priced Air Tight cartridge are you referring to? The base model is around $8K US. (-: 
Was told Kansui/Kuzma may not be a good match.

Dover said: "The VDH cartridges can work with the Kuzma 4Point11, but they need to be adjusted by VDH for the higher mass (18g)."
The Kuzma arms are medium mass, aren’t they. Mine is 13 grams, and I thought that was true with the 4 Point 11".

All of the posters here strike me as a seasoned, been there/done that group. I’d make a bet we all try to steer clear of the Hi-Fi sounding cartridges, and value tone with a nice fleshed out human sound. I know that’s what I crave. I was also considering Koetsu and EMT. I’ve owned and enjoyed the former, and still own and enjoy the 75. But I thought it was time to try something different with the MSL. While I’m sure their five models share a family sound, it’s my understanding that they do differ. Particularly the two gold body offerings. Again, there is a pretty good description on their website. Wayne Garcia recently reviewed the top MSL Gold model along with the Koetsu RSP. Other cartridges of interest, like Etsuru and Sumile, were simply out of my price range. I hate to pile it on, but two others options I found interesting were the Musikraft Nitro, and top line Charisma model.