Koetsu Rosewood Vs Rosewood Signature Vs HANA UMAMI RED advice please

I ended up buying an Acoustic Signature Typhoon, with a 11" Kuzma 4Point. Now the question is which cartridge I get.
I have a Hana E and M in my current VPI and really like them, but I looking forward to test something else. I like detail without much in your face(?), soundstage and some hint of warmth. 

I saved $4K for a cartridge and I am getting 25% off on any cartridge I want, and do not need to spend the $4k.

I am open to other brands, except Sound Smith which I had in my Bergmann Galder and did not like at all.

My system for the Typhoon is composed of
Tannoy Kensington
Pathos Heritage, or Primaluna 300
Manley Labs Steelhead 
all powered with a PS powerplant.
Thank you
to all, thank you for sharing your knowledge and spending the time to respond to my question. I really appreciate it, I learned a few things.

I will start a new thread once I get all the parts and start unboxing. My small house in the USA will be full of audio boxes.  


@rauliruegas for now I will put the Etsuro on the SAT as it is the tonearm I know as I have the Gold on a SAT and I know how it sounds.
After everything is tuned up and broken in, I will start experimenting. 
Thank you for your thoughts.

It would be nice to get this thread back on track. Doesn't Raul like MM cartridges better than MC's in the first place. Just saying.... I came oh so close to going Koetsu on my Kuzma. The only reason I went with the My Sonic Lab Hyper was I thought Koetsu would be too warm for my system overall. Yes...NEW THREAD (-:
Koetsu can be too warm or dark in some systems, but with op’s Tannoy Kensington, they help keep the horn tweeters in check. Then, the fabulous midranges of these 2 transducers make magic together.
I have an all tube Audio Research system with Sonus Faber speakers and the Koetsu Redwood Signature fits in perfectly… natural, musical and detailed. Yes, system dependent.