Koetsu vs Dynavector

I am looking at new (well new to me anyway) cartridges for my turntable. I have found a couple of interesting candidates but given that cartridges are one of the hardest things to purchase because of the problems of arranging home trials, I am interested in other peoples opinions. I am looking at the Koetsu Urushi's (either a Vermillion or a Black) or a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua or XV1. I realize there is a bit of a price spread at normal retail but there are some demo issues that level the field a bit. My system is as follows Oracle Delphi MkIV with a highly modified Rega arm running into a modified Mod Squad Phono Drive. This all runs into a Sonic Euphoria Transformer based volume control. The amp is a custom tube amp based on the 6L6 tube (using NOS Tung Sol 5881 at the moment). This puts out twenty watts of PP power to a pair of Quad ESL 63. The cables are a mix of Homegrown Audio silver interconnects with Eichman silver RCA jacks and Analysis Audio Silver speaker cables.
My musical preferences lie in the smaller scale more introspective sphere on this system (I have a Altec Lansing based horn setup for rocking out). Anything from Frank and Ella to Johhny Cash to Bob Dylan to Dianna Krall. I also love the instruments that share the vocal sound. I gravitate to cello, saxophone and trombone over guitar and piano. I want to here the tone and texture of the voice as my first priority and timing a bit further down the line. My listening room is a bit on the large side (30' x 50' x 25') and has a very live acoustic. It has polished concrete floors and 115 year old plaster walls (I live in an 1893 Methodist church).
I welcome any opinions but I am mostly looking for people with actual hands on experience with either the Koetsus or the Dynavectors.

Dear Dan: Well there is other confuse information: I know that the Platinum series has 0.2mv but now on the Koetsu official site you and I can read: 0.3mv ?????, there is no echnical reference about.

Now, for what you posted on your tonearm and phono stage IMHO I don't think that those audio items can do real " justice " to either of those MC cartridges: IMHO you don't have the right analog rig ( those both items ) to match those cartridges but you can buy either of those MC cartridges if you think to up-grade/change your today tonearm and phono stage.

Now, the good news are that there are other very good options that can/could even your Koetsu/Dyna alternatives using your today tonearm/phono stage.

Options: Nagaoka MP-50, Grado Amber The Tribute, Reson Reca, Clearaudio Maestro/virtuoso, the new MM Ortofon line, B&O MMC 1 or 2, Soundsmith The Voice, etc, etc.

You can achieve your targets with these cartridges and with one additional advantage: low price against those MC cartridges that you are looking for.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Have your heard the new Ortofon MM Carts specifically the bronze
I will be mounting this on my rb300 arm and Lenco Table
"Rega is the only true tonearm and all other tonearms are actually machined from the femur of the devil to ensnare us into spending too much money".

Damn! and here I thought it was just the jaw bone of an ass! (except for air bearing linear trackers, of course)
I really have to laugh at all the out of hand dismissals of the Mod Squad as a phono stage.

First of all I doubt that most people have ever heard it as it was not a product with large distribution, so I am not sure how qualified most people are to speak on it's merits and likewise weaknesses.

Second, if we take it that most people are basing their opinion (and my sincerest apologies to anyone who has had significant experience with the unit and has made comments) on something other than actual first hand experience, I wonder where these opinions are coming from. It certainly isn't that people are basing them on the published reviews. The only review that I have found pitted the Mod Squad against the cult classic John Curl Vendetta. This was in Stereophile in January 1989 and was written by John Atkinson. In the review he clearly states (and the review in on Sterephile's website) "The main audible difference between the two phono preamplifiers was caused by noise". He admits that the Mod Squad is very slightly noisier with very low output MC cartridges than the Vendetta but that the noise is only obtrusive when music is not playing in a silent room. He then goes on to catalogue the various strengths of each stage and for every area that the Vendetta wins the Mod Squad wins another. There is clearly nothing in this review to suggest the Mod Squad is a second class citizen.

I wonder if it is just that the phono stage is old. If it were a CD player I would concur whole heartedly that it can't keep up with current players but in phono stages (and really in amplification in general) this can't really be said. Many of the "great" phono stages of that era like the Vendetta and certain Counterpoint models have gained a cult status and are closely guarded by there owners. If we accept that the Mod Quad might just be a member of this class, then one must also dismiss those legendary stages as subpar as well. Just because something is old doesn't mean it is less good. Think of the Japanese FM tuners of the 1960's and 1970's. You are hard pressed to match the classic Sansui's and Kenwood's with the best of todays tuners (and certainly can't come close to a value comparison). The phono gear from the late eighties was many companies swan song in terms phono gear (or at least that is what they thought at the time). They thought that the LP was dead so they threw all the resources they had (best parts, full balance of accumulated knowledge, etc) at making the "last great" phono gear. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the phono products from this era.
Dear Musicfile: Not the Bronze but the Black and not in my system and I have to say that is very good performer and the Bronze I understand is almost the same cartridge and I could say it is a good performer too.

I'm interested on your cartridge quality performance, if you can email me when already " settle-down ".

Regards and enjoy the music.