Koetsu vs Dynavector

I am looking at new (well new to me anyway) cartridges for my turntable. I have found a couple of interesting candidates but given that cartridges are one of the hardest things to purchase because of the problems of arranging home trials, I am interested in other peoples opinions. I am looking at the Koetsu Urushi's (either a Vermillion or a Black) or a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua or XV1. I realize there is a bit of a price spread at normal retail but there are some demo issues that level the field a bit. My system is as follows Oracle Delphi MkIV with a highly modified Rega arm running into a modified Mod Squad Phono Drive. This all runs into a Sonic Euphoria Transformer based volume control. The amp is a custom tube amp based on the 6L6 tube (using NOS Tung Sol 5881 at the moment). This puts out twenty watts of PP power to a pair of Quad ESL 63. The cables are a mix of Homegrown Audio silver interconnects with Eichman silver RCA jacks and Analysis Audio Silver speaker cables.
My musical preferences lie in the smaller scale more introspective sphere on this system (I have a Altec Lansing based horn setup for rocking out). Anything from Frank and Ella to Johhny Cash to Bob Dylan to Dianna Krall. I also love the instruments that share the vocal sound. I gravitate to cello, saxophone and trombone over guitar and piano. I want to here the tone and texture of the voice as my first priority and timing a bit further down the line. My listening room is a bit on the large side (30' x 50' x 25') and has a very live acoustic. It has polished concrete floors and 115 year old plaster walls (I live in an 1893 Methodist church).
I welcome any opinions but I am mostly looking for people with actual hands on experience with either the Koetsus or the Dynavectors.

Signing off.

I have realized that life is too short to engage in these audiophilia nervosa discussions.

At the end of the day all that matters is each person feeling good about their own choices. That can never happen in a forum like this unless you shape your opinions to fit the masses of the forum.

So I leave all of you to you opinions (and suggest to Audiofeil that "fact" is an awfully strong word to throw around. I am not really sure that I know any "facts" and I work in a world that is supposedly driven by science {I am a ER physician}).

Just to tidy things up a bit further, I have decided not to go to the exalted heights of the Urushi. I am going to stay at the Soundsmith, Cartridge Man, Grado level. Is this because of the discussion here. Yes but only indirectly. I have decided that life is too short to worry about getting the best and all I want to do is have some fun listening to music. Perhaps I will keep track of all the albums I am able to buy with the $1000 I save and post to this forum as the biggest justification in the world for a "lesser cartridge".

Thanks for all the opinions (even the ones I strongly disagree with, for the only thing that really allows you to truly understand yourself is be challenged on your beliefs; Socrates was correct "An unexamined life is not worth living)

That was Henry David Thoreau, unless he was quoting Socrates. Perhaps this is a "fact".
"Garbage in/garbage out", if not "source first" per se, is irrefutable, and is not in conflict with the fact that speakers/room make gross differences that would seem to eclipse the source, nor with the fact that the amplifier/speaker relationship is critical, any more than it is in conflict with the fact that the arm is more critical than the cartridge. It is simply that the arm/cartridge relationship is too intimate to consider as simplistically as you're suggesting. Following your logic is analogous to saying that all you need is a good stylus regardless of the cantilever and cartridge motor assembly. No need to fly in the face of those who know better on this topic.
Dear Djeickme75: +++++ " to engage in these audiophilia nervosa discussions. " +++++

that depend of what you are looking for, IMHO " these audiophilia nervosa ... " are almost always a learning ones for almost every one.

+++++ " At the end of the day all that matters is each person feeling good about their own choices. That can never happen in a forum like this unless you shape your opinions to fit the masses of the forum. " +++++

not necessary because the " target " is not to fit the masses opinion but to fit our own targets.
The other forum opinions help to learn how we can or can't achieve in a better/easy way what we are looking for. No one is angry because your opinion or other opinion is different and I can say that almost always the opinions are a honest ones.

IMHO I think that in this Analog Forum you and any one else has/have a tremendous advantage " hearing/knowing " different opinions from different people with different experience/know-how levels, IMHO this fact is priceless and we have to appreciate that we have it.

Dan, don't go I'm sure you are always welcome here!!!

Regards and enjoy the music.
As others have pointed out, perhaps the better move for the OP is to upgrade other components before looking to add a cartridge that is beyond these other pieces.

I agree with Raul, Dan is certainly welcome here. However, if flame wars are what one is looking for, I would suggest another forum. They don't really happen that often here in the A'gon Analog Forum.

I'm not really sure what Dan is saying about SoundSmith. Peter retipped my XV-1s and he did a beautiful job. I'm not sure which "exalted heights" that puts SoundSmith in.