Kontrapunkt C vs H

Unhappy with my Denon 103pro I am looking to upgrade my cartridge. Initially I was looking to choose between Lyra and zyx but after a recent phono stage upgrade I am somewhat broke.

I am getting a decent offer on ortofon kontrapunkt C and H. I am looking for a lively and dynamic cartridge which can do both rock and classical well. I listen to all kinds of music so I am looking for an all rounder cartridge. On the couple of occasions I heard the zyx I actually found them to be great all rounders but a good zyx is expensive. The kontrapunkt on the other hand is pretty high in the ortofon line up and costing about the same as an entry level zyx. That's the logic I am currently stuck with. Am I thinking right?
We usually can't upgrade everything we want to all at once. That being said, you just upgraded your phono stage, why don't you just live with your Denon until you can afford a Lyra or ZYX? Is it that bad? If so, are you sure you have it set up correctly?
Instead of being in a rush to screw things up, how about you just take your time and do things right.
Consider getting your 103 retipped by SoundSmith or Expert Stylus. You will then have a cartridge that will compete with very expensive models in the 'audiophile' compulsories and probably beat them in musical gestalt.
I was using a Contrapunkt C a year ago. I had a couple of more expensive Benz cartridges before that, and was looking for something less polite and with better tracking on a couple of older records. It was lively and dynamic and never had any tracking issues. I still have it and will use it again if the London Decca cartridges I have fallen in love with ever fail (a matter of time, I know!)