KR Audio VA340 MKII vs Melody AN 845

Has anyone had the chance to listen to either of these integrated amps? Any opinions one way or another?
I'm an AN211 owner it is a very good amp, which I think can be excellent once I get the stock 211 tubes out. From talking to Hugh, the AN845 is supposed to maintain most of the merits of the AN211 (delicacy, beauty, texture, tonality) but add monstrous bass to the equation.

The low end of my AN211 is not shy by any means, so I'm quite curious as to what the AN845 actually brings.

My prejudice would be towards the Melody (I also owned an MK88 immediately before this) but I know KR amps have a nice reputation.
This is my first post so pardon the amateur approach. I heard the Melody gear at RMAF 2012 (WOW) and purchased the AN845 from Hugh (Angel City Audio) at the show. The 845 replaced a Jolida 1000 CRC and it's driving a set of Von Schweikert VR-35s. The base is deep, tight and tuneful. The highs are beautifully extended, and the mids have a sweet liquidity to them. The 845 has less than 100 hours, so it's only going to improve. It'll be interesting to see where this unit will settle.
Sorry it took so long to respond. The AN-845 just keeps getting better. The sound is articulate. It is very revealing. Changes I've made upstream are instantly audible. I'm extremely happy with the piece.