This outfit out of Colorado came to my attention because of Derek Sanderson of FleaWatt Audio’s effusive praise of them. Their website is amusingly insouciant, stating that their cables are "handmade, and not by the most dexterous people around" and that they are "fragile and prone to RF interference from strong nearby sources. Tough shit, You can’t have everything."

At any rate, just curious if anyone has tried these cables out and can report on them? The prices are pretty rock bottom (as one might expect given their marketing), but I’m curious as Derek says they’ve become his new reference...



I was actually a Hyundai, certified repair person on their heavy duty side. What a PILE. Everything worked just good enough. Never WELL. The radiators in dairy work would plug, the excavators would overheat if you hooled up an high volume hydraulic accessory They had ONE service rep to cover 1/2 of the US.. THEY were a total joke. still are from what I see and refuse to hear..

Give me a Liebherr, Cat, John Deere or Link-Belt, heck even a Kobelco over Hyundai. Yea they are Crappy, they need to go to a crappier guy than me..
I could always get them going, I just never walked away happy that I did.. LOL

“I could always get them going, I just never walked away happy that I did.. LOL”
Now that’s funny! I’ve really enjoyed listening to the rattle somewhere in the passenger seat frame for the last 6 months.




Love the name for Cables. Laughing...


Happy Listening!


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@oldhvymec do you work on crappy Hyundai’s?

Is there any other kind?

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