Krell 750mcx or EVO 600

Hello all, I've got the itch...again.I have a KCT and EVO 505 and a pair of FPB 750mcx all in CAST powering a pair of Resolution 1's. I'm contimplating selling the 750's and moving to the EVO 600 (non e...out of budget) and selling the KCT and moving to the EVO 202

Thoughts please!!!
As far as this thread gos, LOl!, I would do the fpb 750mcx over the evolution 600 any day!, now the evo E may be a different story?
Well I actually had them side by side and the new EVO line is opener and brighter. I thought the 750MCX had the best bass of all amps but the EVO goes deeper much much more detail. Overall the EVO 600 was better but not night and day. So I stayed with the new EVO line.