Krell Amps. Ksa 250,200,Mda300

Ive owned all of these at one time or another. Using the ksa 250 as a reference how do these compare in sound.
I have a is laid back and it does kick butt. It's a better sounding amp than the, more power. In the solid state camp, it's a keeper.

I also have Rogue 120 magnums...great amps! Both are here to drive my Apogee Duetta Signatures...and a fine job they do.

The Rogues are more musical than the Krell...more musical than any amp I've owned to be honest.

Yes there cool. One of the amps I bought was the Rogue"Zeus". A giant amp But i much prefer the 120's sound. The hurricanes are dark, Vtl 300's are real power houses would give the ksa250 a real tough time into normal loads.
Carys are smooth and natural, Id like to try the Melos mat 400 monos. I live 1 1/2 miles from the shop that restores them, Ive heard some horror stories about delays there...
Thanks for the reply. A nice site is
Interesting about your MDA 300 problem. I evaluated the KSA-150, KSA-250, MDA-300, and FPB-600 on Thiel CS 3.6 and found the MDA-300 combo to give the smoothest, mellowest balance, and the most potent bass. Soundstage was a bit forward and very wide, but not as deep as the others. Note that this was with the stock power cords. When I substituted Synergistic Research AC Master Couplers (recommended by The Cable Company, with over 300 hours of break-in), the sound of the MDA-300s got a lot worse--glary mids, weaker bass, little depth. The KSA-150 and -250 sounded a bit distant (laid back?) with a recessed midrange.
Maybe this has something to do with it. The schweikert use a mid driver that covers 120-3K with very little if no correction/ crossover in that range. Its crazy what happens to the Ksa150 when its coverted into mono's. Then again when i sold the Mda300's the guy heard them on my system and loved them,. Sounds like FBP series are bright? That Ksa 300s is a nice amp.Thanks Much for your information.