Krell Amps. Ksa 250,200,Mda300

Ive owned all of these at one time or another. Using the ksa 250 as a reference how do these compare in sound.
Its difficult for me because they have been on diffrent speakers.
The ksa 250 on b&w 801#2 was too laid back but still kicked butt.
The ksa200 on my schweikert's well the highs sound steely and My 120 watt tube mono blocks kicked its ass in bass and eveything.
The Ksa 300s Was killer on B&W 801#3, I hesitate to get this for my schweikerts because the Mda300's sounded like Hell on them no emotion at all.
Does this sound like it to you? My 120 watt monos ive chosen over 6 diffrent pairs of tubbers. rogue 120 magnums,
actually sound kind of solid state but Kill any of the solid state amps Ive had, not in power but everthing else, Bass control, deep soundstage And SPEED, Midrange my other tubbers killed it, but midrange gets boring. I need a solid state amp to switch to when i want to knock stuff off the mantel.
I have a is laid back and it does kick butt. It's a better sounding amp than the, more power. In the solid state camp, it's a keeper.

I also have Rogue 120 magnums...great amps! Both are here to drive my Apogee Duetta Signatures...and a fine job they do.

The Rogues are more musical than the Krell...more musical than any amp I've owned to be honest.

Yes there cool. One of the amps I bought was the Rogue"Zeus". A giant amp But i much prefer the 120's sound. The hurricanes are dark, Vtl 300's are real power houses would give the ksa250 a real tough time into normal loads.
Carys are smooth and natural, Id like to try the Melos mat 400 monos. I live 1 1/2 miles from the shop that restores them, Ive heard some horror stories about delays there...
Thanks for the reply. A nice site is
Interesting about your MDA 300 problem. I evaluated the KSA-150, KSA-250, MDA-300, and FPB-600 on Thiel CS 3.6 and found the MDA-300 combo to give the smoothest, mellowest balance, and the most potent bass. Soundstage was a bit forward and very wide, but not as deep as the others. Note that this was with the stock power cords. When I substituted Synergistic Research AC Master Couplers (recommended by The Cable Company, with over 300 hours of break-in), the sound of the MDA-300s got a lot worse--glary mids, weaker bass, little depth. The KSA-150 and -250 sounded a bit distant (laid back?) with a recessed midrange.
Maybe this has something to do with it. The schweikert use a mid driver that covers 120-3K with very little if no correction/ crossover in that range. Its crazy what happens to the Ksa150 when its coverted into mono's. Then again when i sold the Mda300's the guy heard them on my system and loved them,. Sounds like FBP series are bright? That Ksa 300s is a nice amp.Thanks Much for your information.