Is Krell CAST MMF cable connection better than balanced and/or single ended connections? I have never done a comparison. Krell claims the CAST connection with their MMF cable (made for Krell by Nordost) is superior to balanced and single ended.
Martin Colloms recently reviewed the Krell Evo 402 and 402e in HiFi Critic. His review was extremely positive, however, he felt both single ended and balanced connections performed sightly better than CAST. Most other reviewers have written very favorably about CAST.
Is CAST truly better than balanced and single connections, as claimed by Krell? WHICH IS THE BEST SOUNDING CONNECTION?
I just received a pair of Cast MMF cables today, which I installed between my 525a CD and my 222 preamp! I have been using Transparent Ultra Balanced. I simply cannot believe the difference!!! I have a 402e that will be receiving a pair between it and the 222 next!!! It opens up my Revel Ultima Studio 2's like never before!! It is quite shocking that such a thin little cable can have this effect!! With live music, you can actually sense the hall like I have never before. Everything changes...but nothing is a trade off!!!
I have an evo 707, 600 amps, and had a 505. Even at 1 meter between the 505 and 707, CAST is noticeably better than Cardas Golden Reference balanced.
I should note that I am using Nordost MMF. It is also much better than single ended Nordost red dawn. For the connection between the 707 and 600's, CAST is MUCH better than equal length balanced Audioquest Columbia.