Krell EVO 302 or 302e

Has anyone heard these amps, either one? I am contemplating moving to one of these. I have run Pass Labs XA30.5 for some time and really like it, but always wondered about Krell. Any thoughts out there?

My speakers are not so power hungry and are powered fine with my 30 watts, just wondering if anyone can share comments on the sound of the Krell 302 in comparison to my amp or any others?
Tnx Kennyt,

I already upgraded from Evo-400 to Evo-400e.. Cannot comment easily the sound differences between the two series of power amps apart from the rest of the chain, since I acquired the Phantom preamp as well (Evo-222 earlier). But, in total - night and day.
I ordered a Krell 302e for driving a set of B&W 802 diamond. I am wondering if an upgrade to 402e would make sense or if I will be just right with the 302e.
In the Evo line of amps, the more power they have the better they sound, Dan explained it to me once why, but we were at dinner and wine was involved so I cannot recall the reason.

FWIW you might want to wait a bit as Krell is showing all new amps at CES this year so the Evo's should drop some in price once they hit the shelvesÂ….
I don't think there will be any drop in Evo series prices... The rumoured new A-class line of Krells will be, in terms of concept, some kind of replacement to previous AV separates. The flagship Solo-575 monoblock will cost $11275 per piece, which is cheaper than the smallest Evo-e monoblock (Evo-400e, $12000 per piece)...
The krell 302E is great. You may get some better headroom and separation with 402E but i doubt you will notice the diferecne justifying exta $$. I compared them in my system and kept 302E. Great ampifier. Enjoy.