Krell EVO 302 or 302e

Has anyone heard these amps, either one? I am contemplating moving to one of these. I have run Pass Labs XA30.5 for some time and really like it, but always wondered about Krell. Any thoughts out there?

My speakers are not so power hungry and are powered fine with my 30 watts, just wondering if anyone can share comments on the sound of the Krell 302 in comparison to my amp or any others?
The krell 302E is great. You may get some better headroom and separation with 402E but i doubt you will notice the diferecne justifying exta $$. I compared them in my system and kept 302E. Great ampifier. Enjoy.
Krell has been e-mailing me all the details of their new amps, complete with pics!, we will see what happens with the evo E series, I do know for fact that the new amps are pure class A again with this new Bias technology that keeps the amps at a very low temperture and still uses green power for stand-by mode, This is from what I understand the first class A amp in the world to be able to do what I listed here, LOL!, Krell also showed me their patent on these new amps with their E-mail to me, I am assuming the evo E amps will be discontinued soon, either way best of luck fellow members.
I suspect you are wrong Audiolabyrinth as Krell has already pulled the Evo line from it's website.

These are the new Krell amps, the Evo's are gone!
@ Kennyt, LOL!, You read my post wrong!, I said, If you understand english, Krell would likly discontinue the evo E line!, therefore buddy, you are wrong!
@ Kennyt, Hi, I talked to Bill Mckeagan today, The krell president, Its also on their site, under archived product, I am truly sorry to tell you it is confirmed! Krell has indeed discontinued the Evo E line of amp products!