Krell fpb 600 svs ultra tower

Hi guys I have a question how loud (db) should a Krell fpb600 get with Svs ultra towers get I have I hooked up sounds amazing low volume and all the way up. Using Amazon music which seems very low but would have thought it being a 600 watt amp on 8 ohms it should be way louder. But all the way up and still sounds clear thanks


Hey guys want to report back on preamp pickup a cClasse ct ssp  preamp. Well the volume is much louder so much so if I crank it up to loud it trips the 20 amp breaker for my Kell fpb600. Sounds great. Although I cant figure out to adjust the bass/treble/equalizer. Do sound good the way it is but would be nice to figure it out . Using it a 2 channel with sub. Thanks

If it has bass and treble controls, I would be surprised. Generally not an audiophile thing. Your DAC should have different filters that can help. 

I’m betting we will next hear tweeter and a couple midranges are,making a (pencil hits notebook paper) sound, from frying voicecoils from too much power, the crossovers can only take so much.

600rms is a lot of power! Be careful, watch the,volume, I can’t get even halfway on volume, and it’s either too loud or it starts to mildly distort, so naturally. Keep an eye on the=Volume.
you did it correctly with those wicked bada$$ amps! 100 or 200 WPC, juuuuussst, don’t have the sheer brute force I needed. It’s the absolutely,effortless airy , perfectly controlled sound. No strain, whatsoever.


enjoy those amps, I would have them checked by Krell , even if the guy u bought from said so, just for piece of mind, those amps were on my radar years ago,


enjoy, get a good solid preamp for those amps, there is a ton of good used stuff out there. Happy listening.  
no worries, my speakers are rated at 250W peak, and use 650W monos,as well!


I just swapped out my B and K pro10-mc (newer version) for the Sanders Preamp. 

much more detail, AND, I WAS GETTING STATIC, CLICKING CONSTANTLY from tweeters.,….unplugged the hdmi , and DEAD, QUIET, NOT EVEN HISS WHEN ear is right in front of the tweeter. I’m happy. This is my basement system.


When I picked up the Classe ct-ssp preamp also got some xlr cables. The sound is phenomenal now and has the punch I am very happy now. Even the better half  said wow the stereo sounds great now also