Krell FPB300cx vs. FPB300c

Hello there,
Can anyone advise me on the difference between the FPB300cx & the FPB300c. I am aware that the cx is actually a FPB200c with the new driver boards which in driving the circuits harder, provides 100 watts more. And there have been views that bigger & beefier is always better so the 300c should be better. There again, I have heard the cx series are a lot sweeter sounding than the c series.
Can anyone who's tried both help? Which would you chose & why.
Many thanks for your help.
I'm also curious about this question. I just purchased a set of 350mc's and am considering the upgrade to the x series.
This does not exactly answer your question but I upgraded my fpb 200c to a 300cx and it became more open (less dark sounding) and more refined detail. My dealer raved about the difference I would hear. As it turned out it was a good difference, but not huge or dramatic. I am glad that I upgraded however. I would do it again even if there had not been a power increase.