Krell KAS amplifier remote master slave conection


I own two mono blocks Krell KAS. On the rear panel there are two master / slave conectors. When the two mono blocks or other amplifiers are linked , one amplifier can control the turn on and off of the others. There is this possibility on the Krell KAS and the KSA S series.
My question is what kind of male connectors and cable is required to link the amplifiers ? This is difficult to identify looking at the Master/Slave female conectors on the rear panel and there is no information on the user manuals.
Thank you in advance
Hello Apogee_paris,

The best for you would be to contact Krell service department to get proper information. On the Krell FPB series, I use Midi cables.
Ok thank you . On KAS and KSA s. It doesn't seem to be midi link. I will ask Krell If they have this information