Krell KAV-250p - time for change?

My preamp is a Krell KAV-250p, bought primarily for 2-channel listening but also because it has home theater bypass (HTB) when I switch to my Marantz receiver for movie watching. Other equipment: B&W 801s circa 1980, Oppo Blu-Ray, Bryston 9B-SST five channel. I just inherited the 801s from my recently departed father, replacing a set of PSB Synchrony 1s (which I also love).

Anyway, I am not fond of the Krell for the babyish reason that I don't like the volume control. I wish it had a knob as it is too difficult to dial-in the volume I want with the graduated segments. I also wonder, since it is my first preamp, if I might upgrade. The Parasound Halo P6 caught my eye as it has the HTB and decent feedback from owners/reviewers.

I searched this forum and no one had anything bad to say about the Krell. I just thought I would inquire since it's always been my least favorite piece.


Interesting post.  The one thing I don't love about my Luxman is this same idea....1) specifically that there are BIG jumps when you use the remote and 2) I have no visual indicator on the volume knob where i'm at when seated and lights are dimmed.  I think something like the Anthem with big numerical volume indicators would help me as I get older, LOL.  

Krell is good gear for sure, so it would have to REALLY bother me to move on from it.  

You knowledgeable people are killing me! Oh, wait, that’s why I posted in the first place. I will leave the Krell alone. For now. :-)