Krell KAV-400xi or Bryston B100 SST ?

My setup Arcam CD33, speakers PMC GB1 listen mostly to rock,indie.
Current amps Arcam A90/p90 combo.
I haven't heard the Bryston, but the Krell kav400xi is an incredible piece for the asking price! I wasn't a Krell fan, and had always written it off as 'Krell' sound not being to my liking - that all changed when I heard the 400xi!
I haven't heard the Bryston, but I have heard the Krell 400xi driving many different High-End Speakers, including: B&W 80X, Revel, Sonus Faber, JM Lab/Focal and Krell's own Resolution and all sounded excellent driven by this entry-level Krell Amp. Don't let the price fool you, this Amp. dishes-out all that could be reasonably needed in all but the very best systems. It's well deserving of it's current "Stereophile Class A Rating"!
I am going to have to respectfully disagree with the above IMHO. The Bryston 100B-SST is simply outstanding and should be listened to, not that the Krell is a slouch. I just think that the 100B is a step up in performance, especially in the area of imaging, and accuray in the upper frequencies. Add to the fact that you are using PMC speakers, and for me it is an easy decision.