krell kbl vs..krc- hr ?

hi ..between these two preamps, what are the simular and difference in musical,dynamic, clean and etc?...should i look for another kbl to convert into dual monos..or a krc-hr? please advise..

currently running..
kbl preamp
sony scd-1
krell ksa 250 amp
Owned a KBL with my 250, enjoyed it, researched reviews between the KRC and -HR, but opted for the KRC for slightly less moola (used) and certain reviews that preferred it over the HR. Initial reason for upgrading was a remote control. Still enjoying it.

The end.
I owned the KSL and HATED IT!!! It was the most un musical piece i ever had... The hafler 100 preamp SMOKED IT! I have never seen such an overbuilt unit and kept thinking it has to sound better than this. Friends have had the same experiences, I would look into other brands or maybe other krells although I hear their good gear was made before the 90's, for the same money I'd try out a CJ Preamp, their all good, just depends on howmuch you have to spend (I can see you dont need a remote) Id get a PV11 or if you can afford one a Premier 10 myself but thats me.
Ohg your amp is awesome by the way, I thought you were talking about switching to a KSL, I have heard the KBL's being run mono are quite good, I almost purchased a KRC-HR and was advised not to as it is supposedly "the most finicky and ready to break unit they ever made" To quote a friend (For what its worth, might be true might not.

Id try another KBL when you find a good deal and sell it if it doesnt fit your needs.